Monday, June 18, 2007

On freezing dough

Today's thaw day. If this works it could change EVERYTHING! And by "everything," I mean how much pizza dough I make this week. :-)
This article makes freezing and thawing look easy. I like easy. Still, I have doubts that it's going to work well. Won't the dough dry out as it thaws? Or over-rise and collapse in the oven? I guess we'll find out.
One thing I think I need to invest in is wax paper. Dough sticking to plastic wrap is a bummer.

UPDATE: This worked flawlessly. Dough removed from the freezer at about 7:30 AM had doubled in bulk by about noon. I turned the oven on at 11:30, put it in the oven at noon and had fresh bread for lunch.
And about the wax paper... Using plastic wrap sprayed with olive oil works perfectly. Maybe not as low-fat, but olive oil is so good for you, who cares!

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