Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Skype Faxing!

Well, technically you can't send faxes OVER Skype*. But the guys at Skax are linking their an upload-to-fax solution to existing Skype accounts. It's only $.29 a page and follows the Skype "credit" model. In this case, you buy $5 of credits, and as long as you use it once every 180 days the credit won't expire. Compare that to eFax, where you have to spend $16/month plus a $10 startup fee!

To use the service, you need to have Skype installed and logged into your account. You also have to be running a non-Vista flavor of Windows, and use Internet Explorer to access the site. (A pain, but hey, it's in beta). They'll give you $1 of credit just for showing up, so it's a great way to send a quick free fax.

* mainly because of compression... learn more here.


Rocky said...

cool service - just noticed they launched in Spanish. I use eFax Free to receive my faxes and Skax to send them out. Much cheaper than subscribing to eFax!

rouftop said...

Great idea. Next time I need to receive a fax I will definitely check out eFax Free.

Apiel said...

i use it all the time because i travel alot with work. im surprised no one thought of this sooner. Skax has made things alot easier for me

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