Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Neat web authoring environment: haXe

I got mildly hooked on Onslaught yesterday. It's a fun "tower defense" style game where three simple firing towers can combine to form more potent weapons. Good times. Anyway, while reading through the various forums on how to trigger the best combos, I learned that the whole game was authored using an open source flash compiler called MTASC, and the author was really happy with it. I'm no flash developer but I'm always curious about what goes on in the open source world.

Reading about MTASC led me to the developer's latest project, haXe. HaXe is "a high level object-oriented programming language, mainly focused on helping programers[sic] develop Websites and Web applications." OK, so the guy's spelling ain't great. But what's neat about this environment is how it can be used to:
  1. Act as server middleware (running on top of the Neko virtual machine with Apache)
  2. Create standalone Javascript and Ajax calls
  3. Most intriguingly, create and compile flash movies.
This goes into my pile of "when I have time and energy," but judging from the activity on the website and the fact that it's a year past the 1.0 release, it looks worth keeping tabs on. After all, there are a lot of cool ways to use flash that aren't flashy... Brad Neuberg's AMASS client storage comes to mind. An easy way to write these kinds of apps in an integrated environment would definitely make for some really cool, functional websites.

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